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The RFA's Business Plan Template.

Our professionally-written template is the fastest, easiest way to produce a business plan in the standardized format that serious investors expect.

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Save time and money. Use our Business Plan Template to create your own powerful Business Plan today. Your banker or your investor needs the plan to evaluate your business, but for you it is about the process of gathering your ideas and developing and growing your business. The RFA Business Plan Template creates a great looking document for your banker or investor, while helping you to better understand and grow your business.

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An outline of the Business Plan template is below.


Cover Letter
Executive Summary
1.      Introduction
2.      Business Overview

2.1.   Company History

2.2.   Business Profile

2.3.   Form Of Business

3.      The Market

3.1.   Industry Trends

3.2.   Market Analysis

3.3.   Target Market

3.4.   Customer Profile

3.5.   Competition

3.6.   Legal and Regulatory Environment

3.7.   SWOT  Analysis

3.8.    Risk/ Reward Analysis

3.9.   Marketing Strategy

3.9.1.      Overall Strategy

3.9.2.      Description of Service

3.9.3.      Pricing Policy

3.9.4.      Placement/ Positioning

3.9.5.      Service Delivery

3.9.6.      Promotional strategy

4.      Operations Plan

4.1.   Details of Operation

4.2.   Location and premises

4.3.   Infrastructure

5.      Organization/Management

5.1.   Ownership Structure

5.2.   Directors Profile

5.3.   Organization Chart

5.4.   Management Team

5.5.   Management Responsibilities

5.6.   Staffing Plan

5.7.   Trade Union Affiliation/ NBC Agreement

6.      Financial Plan

6.1.   Planned Capital Expenditure

6.2.   Vehicle Costing Analysis

6.3.   Loan Amortization Schedules

6.4.   Route Planning Analysis

6.5.   Financial Projections

6.5.1.      Income Statement

6.5.2.      Balance Sheet

6.5.3.      Cash Flow Statement

6.6.   Financial Ratios

7.      Appendices

Appendix 1 - Company Registration/ CK Documents

Appendix 2 - Certificate of incorporation (CC/ Sole Proprietor)

Appendix 3 - Tax Clearance Certificate

Appendix 4 - VAT/ SDL, UIF registration

Appendix 5 - Memorandum of Association

Appendix 6 - Register of Directors

Appendix 7 - Share Certificate

Appendix 8 - Relevant Statutory Board Registration

Appendix 9 - Trade Association Membership Certificate/ NBC Registration

Appendix 10 - Copy of COID (WCA) Registration

Appendix 11 - Credit Rating/ ITC Check

Appendix 12 - ID Documents of Members/ Shareholders

Appendix 13 - Personal Balance Sheet of Shareholders

Appendix 14 - Employment Equity Plan/ Worksplace Skills plan

Appendix 15 - BEE Rating Certificate

Appendix 16 - Auditors Report/ Financial Statements

Appendix 17 - Letters of Intent

Appendix 18 - Contract Agreement