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Membership - Together We Are Stronger

By marshalling the industry's resources together, the RFA is able to take on challenges that individual companies on their own cannot do. This is apparent not only in the political arena, where the Association is effective and respected, but in other areas as well. In recent years, the RFA has defended the industry's interests in a number of legislative processes, and the Association is seeking to enhance the industry's image through creative and strategic campaigns.
The RFA, by drawing on the strengths, energy and commitment of its members, has also provided the vision necessary for the success of the industry in the future.
Become a MemberTogether we are stronger. The RFA is the unified voice of trucking in South Africa and is recognized by all government departments and private sector institutions regionally. We are continually striving to find new and better ways of serving the industry.

Lobbying and negotiation
Through lobbying government authorities, The RFA influences policy (regulation) and legislation affecting the road freight industry. Membership of The Road Freight Association provides members with important lobbying strength that advances the industry's agenda in South Africa . Membership adds valuable opportunities to increase the competitiveness of members' businesses and helps with day-to-day operational issues.
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The RFA also represents members in various negotiations. It provides assistance in labour and industrial relations (including HIV/Aids, Black Economic Empowerment and training services).

Labour Issues
Labour issues in the industry are effectively addressed through the Road Freight Employers' Association (RFEA), which interacts on a regular basis with six Unions representing employees at the National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight Industry (NBCRFI). At the NBCRFI, wages and substantive conditions of employment are discussed and agreed upon annually.

Several Task Groups have been established at the NBCRFI which deal with issues affecting the labour force.

A comprehensive consulting service on labour related matters is offered to ensure that operators are Labour Pageequipped to handle issues such as disputes more effectively and to ensure fairness in the process. Various dispute-resolving mechanisms have been put in place at the NBCRFI in order to provide speedier resolutions at less cost to the employer and employee.

Advice on Technical Issues
An advisory service and help desk is available to members for assistance with technical and related issues. This includes the Vehicle Costing Schedule and Analysis System.

Networking Opportunities and Events

The RFA’s annual RFA Convention is the leading event in the road freight industry, bringing together all role-players and industry leaders. Other events such as committees, labour meetings and regional events are also held regularly.

Publications and Communications
The RFA produces regular newsletters, magazines, journals and other relevant publications to keep its members up-to-date with trends and developments in the road freight industry.

Our website also provides a valuable information resource.

Education, Training and Skills Development
Education,Training and Skills Development are at the forefront of the RFA’s focus. The RFA’s training programme includes workshops and seminars on a wide range of topics - driver training, as well as labour relations and related matters.

Safety, Compliance and a Cleaner Environment
The RFA actively promotes and assists in regulating compliance and encourages the safe and environmentally friendly operation of commercial vehicles.

The RFA is also committed to preserving a cleaner environment for future generations. The Association has supported the introduction of cleaner fuel in South Africa.

The RFA has a close working relationship with the Department of Transport (DoT) to enhance safety in the industry. Through this channel valuable information is brought to the attention of RFA members and in turn, input from RFA members is submitted to the authorities.

The RFA promotes awareness and regulation of safety and security for drivers and freight.

Reports compiled by the Association on any transportation issues are available to RFA members.

Industry Expertise
Through the Association, members have access to a wide range of industry skills and expertise that they can tap into.

Industry and Stakeholder Liaison
The RFA has been actively involved in the following initiatives:
  • Policy formulation at a national and provincial level
  • Cross-border arrangements for freight transport
  • Representation on various forums
  • Involvement in provincial workshops and debates 
  • Contact with influential committees such as the Portfolio Committee on Transport 
  • National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight Industry

Small Business Support
The RFA Small Business Support Centre has been established to assist small operators and start-up businesses.
The RFA's Business Support Services Centre has assisted over 120 people last year with advice on how to start up a transport business/ enter the industry. To provide an even better understanding on how to enter the industry or to start up a transport business, the RFA has put together a SMME starter kit.
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Future Benefits
Other membership benefits currently being established include:
  • Roadside Assistance