RFA Code of Conduct

To ensure that our members adhere to the highest standards of professionalism that protect the image, credibility and sustainability of the road freight industry, all members have to comply with the RFA Code of Conduct. The Code sets out standards of professional practices that govern the members of The Road Freight Association.

1. Social and Environmental Commitment 

(a) Comply with the laws of the Republic of South Africa and operate within the spirit of those laws. 
(b) Protect the environment, promote sustainable development and conduct business affairs that are socially responsible 
(c) Make the most effective use and conserve the nation’s natural resources 
(d) Improve energy efficiency, monitor and reduce carbon emissions.  

2. Regulations and Legislation 

(a) Comply with Statutes, Acts, Regulations, Bye-Laws, guidelines including but not limited to the Road Traffic  Act, Labour Relations Act, NBCRFLI agreement and legislation relating to anti-competitiveness, and professional service delivery such as FAIS Act Compliance  

3. Ethics and Governance 

(a) Manage and conduct their affairs according to principles and values of good governance 
(b) Maintain high standards of ethics, fairness and professionalism 
(c) Act with integrity at all times and deal fairly, honestly and responsibly with all customers and stakeholders  

4. Vehicle Roadworthiness 

(a) Ensure that vehicles remain in a roadworthy condition 
(b) Maintain and implement policies and procedures for pre-trip inspections and corrective action taken immediately 
(c) Perform regular and preventative maintenance and servicing of vehicles and equipment according to industry self-regulation standards 

5. Loads 

(a) Ensure that the loads are safe and secure 
(b) Ensure that loads do not exceed the maximum permissible axle and vehicle load masses

6. Operating Efficiency 

(a) Strive to maintain high standards of operational efficiency through the optimal use of resources, cost reductions and fuel efficiencies.

7. Employees 

(a) Provide continuous training and development to employees 
(b) Provide for the welfare of all employees  

8. Drivers 

(a) Recruit professional and qualified drivers with valid licences. 
(b) Ensure that drivers have the necessary competence, skills and experience to drive the vehicle and load assigned to them.
(c) Continuously train and develop drivers to meet the needs of changing technology 
(d) Adhere to driver hours and resting periods as prescribed in the relevant legislation  

9. Safety and Standards 

(a) Comply with the highest levels of safety and industry self regulation standards. 
(b) Ensure that all reflective material and lamps are in working condition. 
(c) Improve methods of spray and dust reduction to allow safer passing by other vehicles  

10. Commitment to the Association 

(a) The member shall respond to all complaints forwarded by the  Association withing 14 days 
(b) The Member shall conduct himself in a manner that will uphold the good standing and reputation of the RFA 
(c) The member will NOT misuse his office within the RFA for personal gain
(d) The member will NOT make public statements on behalf of the RFA without the Authority of the RFA Executive
(e) The member will NOT represent the RFA in any manner without approval of the RFA Executive
(f) The member will NOT bring the Association into disrepute 
(g) The member shall support the Association in all its endeavours